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Aiden: September’s Comeback Athlete of the Month!

Their Story

We’d like to welcome our comeback athlete of the month for September!

Aiden is a 3rd grader at Leman Academy of Excellence. Aiden is a talented baseball player but recently had to take some time off due to an injury.

He was hit with a the ball in the face this past April and was diagnosed with a concussion. He expressed his frustration during his recovery, “The concussion affected my test scores… the worst part was not reading, watching tv and no electronics”.

However, Aiden also states that active rehab in clinic allowed him to forget that he had a concussion. Throughout this entire process, Aiden felt supported by his classmates and family. When asked about his experience with Dr. Mo, he described him as a funny, cool and nice guy! Aiden offers the following advice for student athletes that are recovering, “Take it slow, relax and have fun. If you play sports go to your team’s games so you can watch and be supportive”.

We are so happy to hear that you are doing much better Aiden!

–Dr. Mo and the SPARCC team

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