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Abby is July’s Comeback Athlete of the Month

Their Story

We’d like to introduce our comeback athlete of the month, Abby!
Abby is a junior at Salpointe and is a member of the swim team. She became injured last July when she miscounted her back stroke and hit her head against the wall of the pool. Following her injury, she had trouble focusing and retaining information in class.

What was your recovery process like?
I was really happy to be able to do some activity and feel my progress. The active rehab protocol helped me recognize what workouts I was able to do at home. I was also able to build on to what I was doing at clinic.

How was your experience with Dr. Mo?
He was great, lively and excited… very supportive and guided me towards safe choices. He made me happy to be there and explained everything thoroughly so that I understood what was going on, not just my parents.

Do you have any advice for fellow athletes recovering from a concussion?
Working harder and pushing yourself won’t help in this situation. Your brain and body needs time to rest. I was used to pushing through injuries and that made things worse.

We are happy to see you are doing much better Abby!
– Dr. Mo and the SPARCC team

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