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What to expect for Concussion Appointments


Appointment Length

Appointments are thorough and detailed, and could possibly be several hours depending on testing and other factors. Please allow time for this in your schedule. 


When to Arrive

We recommend that new patients arrive 30 minutes prior to their appointment, in order to have time to complete paperwork. Follow-up patients should arrive 15 minutes early to get checked in.


Intake Form

Prior to each appointment, we ask you to fill out a symptom score sheet. This will help our providers know what to focus on in the appointment. Try to complete this before arriving to our clinic.


Check In

The check in process consists of taking vitals, checking your balance, and vision. This takes about 8 minutes before you are roomed.


Who You'll See

We are a teaching clinic with medical, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner students who rotate with us. These students may accompany our providers or even complete an initial evaluation before you are seen by your provider. 


What to Wear

Due to the possibility of exercise testing we encourage patients to wear comfortable active clothing and shoes.



In addition to meeting with their provider patients may go through testing for further evaluation. Some tests may be completed before patients are seen, allowing providers to review the results with them.


What Tests Will be Completed

The specific testing completed is determined by each patient's provider, and is based on individual recovery needs. No tests or several tests may be completed and some may be repeated to track progress over time.



At the end of your appointment, please remember to check out with the front desk. They will collect payment, schedule your next appointment, provide you with handouts, and set you up on our patient portal.


Patient Letters

Patients will receive testing result letters, iCAPs, and other information through the patient portal. Please allow 24-48 hours when expecting a letter.

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