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Kaelin’s Return to Jiu Jitsu from Multiple Concussions

Their Story

As an all star Jiu Jitsu athlete Kaelin is not your typical high schooler; winning 3rd in Worlds and a state title in Jiu Jitsu. Spending countless hours each week practicing technique and improving skills, working to be his best. However, the road to success as an athlete, has not been easy for Kaelin. He sustained a leg injury and two concussions within less than a year.

Kaelin first came to SPARCC after receiving his second concussion in June. While facing an opponent in Jiu Jitsu he was kneed in the head. Shortly after he experienced major headaches. He has been out for a month but is excited to return to the sport he loves. He is currently in a training camp for Jiu Jitsu Worlds and shooting for a 1st place finish in Gi and Nogi.

Kaelin said that the hardest part of his recovery was sitting on the sidelines and being more passive in his Jiu Jitsu practices. Despite the temptation to jump back in, he let his concussion heal by staying in a dark room at first and walking to keep active. After his experience, he recommends other concussion patients to not push it, heal fully, and ease back into it!

Good luck Kaelin!

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