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Madison: From Multiple Concussions to Soccer

Their Story

This month’s comeback athlete is Madison!
Madison is a soccer star at CDO Club and Ironwood Ridge High School and has been seeing Dr. Mo since her first concussion back in April 2014. During a soccer game, she was hit in the back of the head and fell to the ground, hitting her head again. During that concussion, Madison experienced mostly vision deficiencies. With hard work and a strict active rehab regimen, she was able to get back on the soccer field.

A fall that lead to arm weakness.
During the spring of 2016, while at an appointment with Dr. Mo discussing a stress fracture in her leg, Madison asked about her hand not thinking much of a fall noticing that her strength and function were down. It was like nothing Dr. Mo had ever seen before and he was unsure of the best plan of action. Throughout the next few months, Madison went to multiple doctors and specialists trying to nail down the cause of her numbness and tremors. She said that she always felt confident with Dr. Mo and she always felt reassured that he would not stop until they found the right answer. Today, after months of mirror therapy to combat her conversion disorder, Madison has complete strength in her left arm, and if you asked her, she would even say she came back stronger!

Suffering a second concussion.
Most recently, Madison suffered her second concussion after a fall. This time her symptoms were completely different; she was having more trouble with her memory and was getting headaches so bad that she was hospitalized. Madison wasn’t her normal, carefree self, always cracking jokes; her personality had changed. She was extremely thankful to her good friends and Dr. Mo who came to visit her in the hospital to help put a smile on her face. Luckily, her school was understanding and helped her finish out the school year. As much as she missed spending time with her friends at school, she used her free time away from the classroom to spend time at her mom’s school and hanging out with the kids there.

Taking time off helped.
Madison also thinks that the time away from the sport she loves gave her time to watch the game and have a better understanding of the player she wants to be. She attributes her comeback to finding things that she could do that made her happy and the wonderful team that Dr. Mo has surrounding him, especially the physical therapy (no matter how early she had to wake up for her appointment!).

Thanks Dr. Mo!
She is grateful for Dr. Mo never giving up on her and always encouraging her to work towards her goals. She says that she has never had a doctor who was as genuine and caring as Dr. Mo. It meant a lot to her that Dr. Mo would call her to check in and make sure she was improving. She also said that Dr. Mo has the best ties and is a very sharp dresser! Madison, we wish you luck in your senior year at CDO and Ironwood Ridge and we can’t wait to see your success at Trinity International University! Go Trojans!

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