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Paige is SPARCC’s August Comeback Athlete!

Their Story

Six weeks may not seem like a long time, but when you are sitting on the sidelines, watching your team sprint by, it can seem like an eternity. Paige had just finished her freshman soccer season at Pusch Ridge High School and returned to her TSA club team when she went in for a 50/50 ball and collided with another player. Although she wasn’t experiencing any major concussion symptoms, just some pressure sitting behind her black eye, she got checked out with her trainer at school just in case. She went back to soccer and just over a week later had another injury to her head. This time, with mounting headaches and vision issues, she sought out a specialist. With the recommendation from her teammate, a former SPARCC comeback athlete, Paige came to our clinic.

There were many aspects to her recovery but Paige said that the best part of her rehab was being able to keep up with her fitness routine in a safe way. It made her feel like she wasn’t falling behind her teammates and that she was on her way to getting better. Paige also said that she never knew how many visual symptoms could come along with a concussion and had to set time aside to do her do her vision rehab. She credits her Physical Therapist, Jason Kline, with a huge part of her recovery.

Paige continued to go to practice every day for the six weeks she was on the sidelines. As she would continue to recover and be cleared to do more activity, she was able to contribute more to her team. She started out setting up cones, then participating in warm-ups, to being able to go through a whole practice. It was tough for Paige to sit out all of that time, but this way she didn’t feel like she missed out on everything.

Paige is not concerned about getting back on the field as her concussion recovery comes to an end. She is grateful for all that she has learned at SPARCC and will be taking that knowledge and care back to her team. Paige and her mom agree that awareness by the players, coaches, and officials will be the best thing to keep these athletes safe.

Here at SPARCC, we have had the chance to witness Paige’s dedication and passion for the game she loves. We are so happy that we had the chance to help her get back to where she belongs: on the field.

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