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JR’s Concussion Recovery

Their Story

JR had a summer of road trips and blockbusters all planned out; but weeks before the final bell rang, JR was tripped on his way to science class and his head came straight back on to the concrete. Even though he looked the same, his friends did not understand that things that he normally did were causing him to have headaches and not feel like himself. He had to stop himself from reading, watching TV, and the hardest of all, playing video games. If you asked JR, he would say that he feels most at home in the worlds created by video games.

JR started to set goals for himself, be able to play this game by his birthday or feel better enough to go to the movies to see the premiere of the Avengers. Even though JR was able to accomplish some of his goals, he was disappointed because he still could not do all of the things that he used to do.

With the help of Dr. Mo, the staff at SPARCC, and the PTs at TMC, JR was able slowly able to make improvements. Late into the summer, JR was cleared to see Solo and Infinity Wars, and he slowly started to ease back into his video games. Both of JR’s parents attribute this to him being able to return to his normal self again.

JR started this school year at Emily Gray Junior High more excited than ever. After living in different cities all around the world, JR’s family now calls Tucson home.

We were so happy to be part of JR’s journey to recovery. Congratulations on all your hard work JR and have a great year!

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