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Shelby’s Back to Cheer After A Concussion!

Their Story

Shelby/Shelbs/Shelbow, a senior at Sahuarita High School, got a concussion while playing volleyball during P.E. class. She noticed a headache right away and stayed home from school for the week following her concussion. She slowly started to returning to classes for half days but still fell behind, specifically in math.

As hard as it was catching up in school, being sidelined from cheering during her last season was even more difficult. Being on the cheerleading team was her social life, her friend circle, and her source of stress relief as exercise. Through the long process of her recovery some of Shelby’s friends didn’t understand why she was acting the way she was or was unable to do things she had done in the past. Everything in her life was turned around, and she felt unmotivated.

When Shelby came to SPARCC, she started the active rehab program, which helped her get her mind off not being able to cheer. She created bonds and friendships with the SPARCC team that made her feel not so alone. With her cheer senior night on the horizon, Shelby decided to take everything step by step and work harder towards her goal of returning to cheer. Even though she said the steps that it takes to recover suck sometimes, she knew it was important to stick with it.

After months of hard work, the day came when Dr. Mo felt that Shelby was back to her normal self. When Dr. Mo broke the news to Shelby and her mom that she was going to be cleared to cheer at senior night, everyone was brought to tears. Shelby walked out on senior night with her mom, grandparents, and a good family friend by her side. That night was an accumulation of her work at school, at cheer, and at SPARCC.

The SPARCC team is so proud of all the hardships and struggles that the whole family overcame to get to this point. S-H-E-L-B-Y We are proud of you, say we are proud of you!

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