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Alex Returns to the Field

Their Story

Alex Drey. Shy? I know what those of you who know Alex might be thinking; no way. It is hard to believe but when Alex first started coming to SPARCC he was quiet and reserved. After his concussion last February, Alex was a different person as his mountain of symptoms took over his personality. His overload of symptoms, that included sensitivity to lights and sounds, shaky speech, and seeing blue streaks, wore him out completely. It seemed that every time he did his active rehab, he would get symptoms and was unable to control his emotions.

After talking to his mentor, he began to really understand the importance of taking breaks from school and soccer and started to slowly make progress. Alex started to go to physical therapy with Jason Klein for balance rehab and neck massages to help with his whiplash. He progressively kept working on his pencil push ups and was finally able to bust through his AR block.

Once Alex was ready to return to the soccer field, he went in with no fear. He now wants to live life and play soccer harder than ever before because he has more of an appreciation for everything. Alex, a black belt, also plans to continue in his Taekwondo practice. Our SPARCC team will miss Alex’s jokes and positive sense of humor here at our clinic, but we are all so proud of him and his hard work.

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